Independent Financial Advisers

Gallagher & Tarran are independent financial planning advisers, which means that, where a financial solution is required to meet a client’s needs, we are the only type of financial advisers who are able to select from all of the financial products and providers available in the marketplace - making sure you get the right financial solution for your individual needs.

The way we work provides our clients with a unique combination of honest and impartial financial planning advice, flexibility and assurance in our handling of your finances, with the agility to act immediately and efficiently to meet your needs.

All this comes naturally to us and allows us to offer an unrivalled financial planning service.


  •  Providing clear explanations and avoiding using financial ‘jargon’
  • Working with you to understand your financial requirements and objectives
  • Delivering on our promises
  • Being approachable and straightforward
  • Demonstrating expertise in financial planning
  • Providing tailored advice to meet your financial needs 

If you have an enquiry or require any further information please don’t hesitate to Contact us