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Critical Illness - Serious Illness Cover

Although this type of insurance has been available for many years, it is now very popular amongst medical professionals who see the impact every day and the devastating financial effect on their patients.

At some point in many of our lives we will be affected, either directly or indirectly, by the onset of a major illness. As a medical professional you will be aware of the devastating affect this can have more than most. You can protect you and your family against the financial implications of such an event.

Should you be diagnosed with a serious illness or critical condition such as a stroke, cancer, heart attack, kidney failure, or require a major organ transplant or coronary artery bypass surgery, you may find that your lifestyle radically changes. Your colleagues in the medical profession will look after your physical recovery - your friends and family will look after your emotional recovery - but who will look after your financial recovery?

Just at the time when you need it least, you're faced with finding money to rebuild and get on with your life. By taking action to protect yourself, you can enjoy life to the full in the knowledge that if, the worst happens, at least you won't have to worry about money.

Critical illness and serious illness plans provide a specific type of cover and as such there are no specific alternatives other than relying on your own savings. Your NHS benefits do not include Critical Illness or Serious Illness cover!

As a healthcare professional you will know better than most how diagnosis of a serious illness can dramatically affect your financial standing and ultimately your lifestyle and that of your family. Treatment and rehabilitation will probably require time spent away from work which could limit your ability to earn money.


You can use this insurance to help cover:


  • Medical expenses, including long-distance or overseas travel to find preferred specialist care;

  • Rehabilitation costs;

  • Pay for necessary modifications such as rails or ramps in your house as a result of the illness or disability;

  • Help accumulate wealth for you or your partner’s retirement or savings plan;

  • Reduce your debt, such as mortgages or fixed bills;

  • Help with lifestyle and possible employment changes.

The benefits are paid to you when you are diagnosed with – and survive – one of the specific conditions covered.

There is a major difference between Critical Illness Cover and Serious Illness Cover

Traditional Critical Illness Cover pays a one off tax-free lump sum if you are diagnosed as having one of the specifically defined life-threatening conditions defined in the policy. Cover is usually on an "all or nothing" basis. If the claim is successful, traditional Critical Illness policies will pay out for around 38 major critical illnesses.

Serious Illness Cover pays out a tax-free lump sum if you're diagnosed with one of the specific conditions covered.The amount payable is based on the severity of your condition. 

This means instead of receiving the full sum assured you will could receive between 5% - 100% of your cover amount based on the stage and severity of your illness. If a partial payment is made, the remaining sum assured is available to be paid in the event of a future claim. Additional plan options could boost the payment to 200% for some conditions. 

Serious illness cover can pay out on over 170 serious conditions on an "all or something basis"..

Tailor made solutions

The conditions covered and criteria for payment vary greatly from company to company and it is therefore very important to have access to the plan that is relevant to your specific occupation and circumstances.

We have specialised in arranging occupation specific comprehensive critical and serious illness cover for medical professionals for many years. We compare all of the providers and make recommendations for a plan specific to your requirements.

We are committed to helping you arrange the most suitable plans and have gained an excellent reputation as a highly respected and professional provider of protection for healthcare professionals.