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NHS Pension

As a healthcare professional, you are eligible to join the NHS Pension Scheme, the largest centrally administered public service pension scheme in Europe. The NHS Pension Scheme provides a very valuable indexed retirement income which is based on a combination of the number of years worked and salary.

The NHS Pension Scheme is almost definitely the largest financial commitment that a health professional will have in their career and it forms the backbone of your retirement plans.

Any financial planning you undertake should take into consideration the benefits you already pay for through your membership of the scheme.

Our advisers are specialists with a full understanding of the NHS Pension Schemes and ensure that your NHS benefits are at the core of any decisions you make.

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Anyone who starts working for the NHS automatically becomes a member of the NHS Pension Scheme, but membership is voluntary and you can opt not to join and leave the Scheme at any time by completing form SD502. This form is available from your employer.

The NHS Pension Scheme has undergone significant changes that became effective on 1 April 2008. Members should read the Members Guide - SD Guide to find out more about the Section they are in: To determine which Section you are in, or can join, refer to the flowchart in the Members Guide.

Further information about various aspects of the NHS Pension Scheme can be found on this website.

Members of both Sections are entitled to:

  • A pension linked to pay and length of membership. (Benefits are fully guaranteed and will increase each year to keep pace with inflation);

  • Immediate life assurance of twice your annual pay from the first day of joining. This is usually a tax-free lump sum payable to anyone or your estate;

  • Pensions and allowances for your spouse, civil partner, qualifying unmarried partner*, and dependent children if you die;

  • A tax free lump sum (optional in the case of members of the 2008 Section);

  • Voluntary early retirement** from age 50*** (1995 Section) or 55 (2008 Section) members will receive an actuarially reduced pension because the pension will be paid earlier and for longer.

    * Nominated qualifying partners in exclusive long term committed relationships of at least two years and are either financially dependent or inter-dependent.

    ** Restrictions apply – see the Members Guide - SD Guide or the Early Retirement section.

    *** If you joined the 1995 Section on or after 6 April 2006 your minimum retirement age will change to 55 on 6 April 2010. if you returned to the Scheme after 6 April 2006 this may also apply to you.

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Your retirement planning strategy is not just about how much money you will receive from the NHS Pension scheme but about your personal goals and family circumstances.


 There is no "one size fits all solution" to retirement planning as your circumstances will be different to your friends and the colleagues you work with.


You may wish to consider part time work after 24 hour retirement or you might wish to completely retire in two years’ time or tomorrow! Whatever your plans are for retirement our experienced specialist advisers could help you to plan your retirement strategy.